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Principals of MatrixChart Systems OPS
SmartOPS 7 Signals Trending Strategies
Fundamental Anaylsis of Share Valuation
Strategies Models by Vector Surge Analysis Application
 Principals of MatrixChart Systems OPS
The big profits are made in the trending run between the accumulation phase and the distribution phase. Hence, you make even more money by waiting decisively  SmartOPS 7 Signals Trending Strategies until a stock is convincingly declared its major trend.

To capture the breakthrough stocks, either up market or down market and enter into the big moves.

An Participative System
Our system participates, where known as “Participative System”. We apply "Vector Surge Analysis" application to know preciously what to participate and expect the outcome expectancy, including timing entry point and timing exit profits point.

Moreover, it also expects risk and rewards expectancy.The opposite of participative force is reactive. Those force who follow herd mentality will react to prices emotionally, resulting in unconditional decisions. We do not react and do not follow.

Price Action Analysis
More people do not succeed in fundamental trading and investing. Fundamentals are factored into prices. Price action reigns perfectly for the smart traders. By the way, Price action is the absolute and leading indicator in the trading market.When price is indicating an uptrend, do not go against the trend by taking a short trade. Likewise when price goes into downtrend, do not take a long trade.

Track the Trend, Trend is our Best Friend
Trend is a move in prices either upward momentum or downward momentum, and usually characterized by at least 2 series of higher lows and higher highs to form an uptrend or chart image 3 at least 2 series of lower lows and lower highs to form a downtrend.
Stock charts may look a series of irregular and random prices at any timeframes ,but by looking closely and analyzing the details, you will observe clearly where there  are set of reoccurring chart pattern and prices formation.

Points to be noted
  • Trading and investing with the trend is wiser than against the trend.
  • We track the trend and capture the big moves.
  • Stocks are usually move 20 to 35 percent of the time in the right trend.We track and identify stocks where they are trending either up market or down market.
Where stocks are moving neutral, known as sideway market, usually in the consolidation phase at 60-70% most of the time.