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Stock Analysis For The Retail Investor

Our Training Programmes Are Into Their 8th Year!

8 years, more than 800 successful graduates to date. You are welcome to join us too!

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Stock Analysis For The Retail Investor

At MatrixChart Systems, we have more than 30 years of market experience.

The MatrixChart software suite is the culmination of that experience; Everything we’ve learnt about the stock market, packaged into this software.

In short, The MatrixChart suite does all the homework for you, and since our algorithms know exactly what to look out for, you’ll save valuable time picking only the counters with the highest probability and best upside potential. We’ve designed this software such that anyone, even retail investors who hold a full-time day job, can engage the markets effectively and profitably.

In fact, we’ve coached more than 800 members who have joined our community. From total beginners, to experienced investors or traders, we’ve helped each of them to master every aspect they’ll need to be profitable.

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