ETTP (Investor)

Evolution Trader Training Programme


“Invest Like An Eagle”

The Evolution Trader Training Programme (ETTP) series has been conducted by MatrixChart Systems for the last 8 years. We average 100 successful students per year.

The ETTP (Investor) course offers you all the essential knowledge for managing a medium to long-term portfolio. The programme covers only the most critical elements you need to know when investing into any counter, whether for capital gains, dividend income, or both. You will also get a solid grasp of how to use our MatrixChart software to assist you in your decision making and take guesswork out of the equation.

This programme is better suited for those not looking to constantly monitor the market on a regular basis, and therefore does NOT include live trading.

Essential Knowledge + Software Support

The course is conducted over 2 days. None of the training days are consecutive. The programme will cover components such as candlestick charting, technical analysis, and some elements of risk management. The programme will also focus on how to effectively use the MatrixChart software to get solid entries and exits when engaging the market, as well as how to monitor your positions over an extended period.

Several key benefits of ETTP (Essentials) are listed below….

Personal Consultation & Portfolio Review

As the Essentials programme is more suited for those looking to park their funds for medium to long-term, we will focus on the steps and skills you need when making any investment decision.  Alongside that, we will demonstrate the power of MatrixChart and how you can use it to support your investment decisions. We will also meet you to review your portfolio on a quarterly basis.

Small Class Sizes

Small classes, better learning. Even for the Essentials programme, we keep to our belief that small class sizes mean quality learning. It allows us to engage participants better and this ensures that we can focus on each participant effectively. Small groups are also less intimidating for participants and this encourages more openness in asking questions.


Network & grow. You will be a part of the larger ETTP community. A community of wonderful people. Past graduates and students from other batches and programmes all gather to network and help each other grow in the markets, and outside of it too! The ETTP network of over 500 active members promises a vibrant and active support group during, and after the programme.

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