ETTP (Mastery)


Evolution Trader Training Programme


“Trade Like An Eagle”

The Evolution Trader Training Programme (ETTP) series has been conducted by MatrixChart Systems for the last 8 years. We average 100 successful students per year.

The ETTP (Mastery) is MatrixChart Systems’ premier course. The programme covers an extensive range of important topics in-depth, and equips you with every critical skill-set that you will need to be effective & profitable when analysing and engaging the markets.

Extensive Knowledge + Live Trading

The course spans a total of 8 days spread out over two months, and consists of 3 full days of knowledge & theory, before rounding off with 5 nights of real live trading with your trainer, who will be there to guide you at every step. None of the training days are consecutive. The 5 nights of live trading are spread out across 3 weeks for us to better analyse the market’s movement.

Several key benefits of ETTP (Mastery) that make us one of the best value courses around are listed below….

Personal Mentoring & Hand-holding

A key benefit of joining our programme is that every participant receives 1-to-1 personal coaching and mentoring. During the course, and after, our trainers will personally “hold your hand”, and help you throughout your trading & investing journey.

High Quality & Intensive

Only the best. All throughout. High-quality, intensive training is what the training programme is all about. It is designed to equip each and every participant with all the necessary skill-sets they will need to survive, and then profit from the markets.

Small Class Sizes

Small classes, better learning. We believe in small class sizes because we believe in quality learning. The small class size means better trainer-student interaction and ensures that we can focus on each participant effectively. Small class sizes are also less intimidating for participants and encourages them to be more open to asking questions.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Everyone learns differently, and at their own pace. At MatrixChart Systems, we believe in that mantra. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an experienced trader, when you join the ETTP, you will be grouped with other participants of similar experience. In this way, you all learn and grow together. Most of our graduates continue to keep in touch with each other even after the course is completed.


Network & grow. The larger ETTP community is made up of wonderful people. Past graduates and students from other batches all come together to network and help each other grow in the markets, and even outside of the markets too! The ETTP network of over 500 active members promises a vibrant and active support group during, and after you complete the course.

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