How It Works

The MatrixChart Edge

Remove The Guesswork

The MatrixChart software suite is designed with more than 30 years of market experience. The aspects of the market are not dynamic and they do not have infinite possibilities. There are fixed sets of rules and limitations within which all players, large and small, must obey. With these rules and limitations in mind, we know exactly what to look out for, while eliminating the noise in the market.

There is no guesswork involved. We know our method, and we know what to look for. MatrixChart speeds up the process, and presents it to us efficiently for analysis.

Simplify Complex Analyses

Before, in order to be really good at engaging the market, you need to put in a lot of time and effort to truly study the data and understand the market. It was complicated and tedious.

But not if you have MatrixChart.

MatrixChart simplifies the process and comes with an easy to use interface. We are using the power of modern computing and big data to derive and calculate everything that is presented in MatrixChart. Our algorithms know exactly what to look out for, and flags those key data points out for our attention. With a few mouse clicks, we can quickly spot and analyse potentially good trades, and know when to enter or exit the market.

Save Time. Make Better Decisions.

There are nearly 4000 stocks listed on major exchanges in the US just between the NYSE & NASDAQ. In Singapore there are more than 700 listings. Let’s not forget Bursa Malaysia and the Hong Kong Exchange. It would be far too time consuming to filter and search for the best counters manually. 

So, don’t waste time and effort doing it on your own.

Let MatrixChart’s algorithms do it for you. Scan your preferred markets with ease, then view the best counters ranked and sorted. You can assess the risk of those counters and easily spot the right trade patterns, because MatrixChart comes with a built-in Japanese candlestick auto-recognition feature to highlight key price points as the chart forms. And if the stock isn’t ready for a trade, put it in your watchlist, where a summary is shown on the dashboard, so you will know when it does become ripe for a trade.