MatrixChart Systems OPS 7

MatrixChart Systems OPS 7

MatrixChart Systems OPS is a Professional Technical Analysis software program designed for investors and traders in financial markets. The software package comes with an interface that has that perfect balance between power and flexibility.

The system is derived using mathematical formulae and the historical data of a stock price. This gives you a good statistical basis for trading the next time the formula detects a similar pattern. The software’s analysis can help you identify trading opportunities with a win rate of approximately 70 to 80 percent. The software and formulae have been tested on the last 15 years of market data.

Each tool has been developed with a different strategy in mind and MatrixChart Systems OPS has 7 strategies available to for each investor and each trader to find a strategy that suits them best.

MatrixChart Systems OPS comes packed with some of the most impressive features you will ever find in a Technical Analysis Package. A few these features are listed below.

Another unique feature is  our SmartOPS Market Sentiment indicator which captures and follows the behaviour of supply and demand in the global market.

By looking for spikes in that indicator, we can identify moments when fear has overwhelmed the market, giving us the opportunity to buy at reduced levels.


SmartOPS Indicator Strategy

T Momentum

Spot the continuous changes in the trend’s strength, direction, and duration. This tool also tracks the momentum of price action over a period of time.

Signal Strength

This indicator rates the strength of the trigger signal flagged by the software.

R Chart

This measures the risk threshold level based on the momentum of price action. The algorithm will calculate if you have a high or low chance of good upside potential.

V Momentum

This captures the supply and demand in the trend.

SmartOPS Cloud

This determines the direction of a price action’s momentum as well as the velocity of that price movement.

Market Sentiment

This captures and follows the behaviour of supply and demand in the global market.