MatrixChart XPro

MatrixChart XPro

Advanced Tools For Investors, Traders, & Scalpers

MatrixChart XPro is a Professional Analyst Charting capabilities software program designed for investors and traders of financial markets.

Say Hello to your new Ultra-powerful Stock Discovery Platform – MatrixChart XPro.

Built for investors, swing traders and trend traders. It is the most actionable information platform ever built for individual stock traders and investors. MatrixChart XPro can transform you into the most efficient and profitable stock trader you have ever been.

The main question is “How do I find and profit from the best stock trading opportunities each day?”

Ultra-Powerful Scanning

Stock hunting at its finest. Here is to unfair advantages. Create customized and incredibly powerful filters for intra-day, swing or trend trading. This allows the best performance stocks you want to come to you instead of you looking for them. Stock hunting at its finest.

Market Monitoring Genius

Effortless stock finding available on web based platform in tablet/smartphone or handy laptop. Furthermore, charting application is available in software apps at ease. Lazy guys do finish first. This revolutionary tool displays entire equity markets ranked and sorted in any way that your heart desires, all end of day (EOD) streaming. This will radically change the way that you find and cherry pick active stocks that are “in play” by the smart money in the market.

Decision Support

Pull the trade trigger with confidence. Our Chart Montage is your “go to” window after an interesting stock has been identified and more in-depth monitoring is needed for a trade decision. Clean and compact, this window delivers all the EOD data needed to size up a stock before pulling the trigger.

Watchlist With Power

Keep your personal stash safe. The most important stocks are the ones you hold in your portfolio or have on your radar. You need to be able to monitor these changing quotes everyday as well as any breaking news or events that can impact them. We let you create as many watchlist as you like with unlimited ticker symbols per watchlist.

Japanese Candlestick Auto-Recognition

The Japanese Candlestick Auto-Recognition Plug-in recognizes 4 most powerful different bullish patterns and automatically identifies them directly on the chart. Customize and define the perfect candle pattern and select the formations you want displayed on the chart. Use the Candlestick buy signals in conjunction with the Autopilot plug-in.

Historical Trade Simulator

Historical Simulator Plug-in

How Would Your Strategy Have Played Out In Last Year’s Market? The Historical Trade Simulator Plug-in gives users the ability to go back in time and trade as if you were there in the moment.

Bulls & Bears Indicator

Could a Color-Coded Chart with Buy/Sell Signals Improve Your Trades? Bulls & Bears Indicator is a proprietary trading package with three main indicators to help you identify trends. The Advantage Trend Lines Trading System is a mathematically altered hybrid precision trend lines system that gives early entry signals, with reduced whipsaw.