Stock Market Advanced

Stock Market Advanced

“The Advanced Level is Mastery of the Basics”

The Stock Market Advanced course is for those who are ready to take the next step to becoming professional retail traders in the market. If you have already completed the basics, or you have a good amount of experience but feel you are not quite at where you want to be, the Stock Market Advanced course is here to help you make that leap. The advanced course will cover all of the critical knowledge aspects that you have to know, and master about the markets, and more importantly, about mastering your own psychology.

The advanced course is aimed at those who have completed some form of a basic course, or have experienced the markets for some years already. It is designed to enhance all of the basics, while thoroughly refining all the other crucial elements that you have to master in order to be profitable, from proper risk management to the all-important aspect of trader psychology. The most important element of the advanced course will be the areas in which you learn more about yourself and your psychology. You will have a chance to do this with the Live Market practice sessions with our trainer there to guide you.

This programme is suited for those who have completed some form of a basic course, and/or have some years actively participating in the markets. If you are unsure as to whether you should go for the basic or advanced course, please do contact us, we would be happy to get to know you better and to assist you!

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The Stock Market Advanced course is priced at $1200

Small Class Sizes

Small classes, better learning. As with all our courses, the Advanced course also adheres to our mantra that small class sizes mean quality learning. It allows us to engage participants better and this ensures that we can focus on each participant effectively. Small groups are also less intimidating for participants and this encourages more openness in asking questions.

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