Stock Market Basics

Stock Market Basics

“Understand The Battlefield & You Are Closer To Victory”

The Stock Market Basics course is for those who are completely new to the markets, but are not entirely sure if investing in the stock market is for you. Hence, this affordable basics course will cover all of the essential knowledge that you will need to know, and understand, about the markets and how they operate. 

The basics course is aimed at all newcomers who have never invested in the markets and have no training or background in the financial sector. It is designed to give you a very good grasp of how stock markets work, how to read a price chart, and will also cover some basic models on company valuation. Other components covered include elements such as dividends, structure, yield, total return etc.

This programme is suited for those who wish to see if investing in the stock market is for them, before pursuing a full-fledged, in-depth course with full coaching and software support.

The Stock Market Basics course is priced at an affordable $700!

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Small Class Sizes

Small classes, better learning. Even for the Basics course, we keep to our belief that small class sizes mean quality learning. It allows us to engage participants better and this ensures that we can focus on each participant effectively. Small groups are also less intimidating for participants and this encourages more openness in asking questions.

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